20 Reasons the Kruger – Gill wedding was the most Epic of the Season

11257996_932671453439293_5867649285741047639_oWe have had a number of friends contribute to the website over the years but one of the best received and personal favorites was Krugers Korner.  My friend Kristi, who wrote Krugers Korner, got married over the weekend.   As I reflect on the weekend I can’t decide what is the best part because “It had all the best parts!” (said in Kristi’s excited man-voice)  One thing’s for sure I will have a lot of memories that will make me smile for years to come.  Memories that you would expect like the beauty of the setting, the dress and the occasion.  However there were flashes of brilliance that made the event, dare I say, epic.

The beer garden which was in the actual garden, with a ridiculous selection of craft beers

The bourbon bar that had a better top shelf than any bar I’ve been to, ps I’ve been to a lot.

The amazing welcoming family of both the bride and groom.

Being able to say a few heartfelt words at the ceremony as the officiant.

Having the father of the groom insist on calling me “The Reverend”

Being able to celebrate with friends from the beach and making new friends.

Dancing with friends

Dancing with the bridesmaids

Dancing with the mother of the bride

Dancing with cousins and nieces.

Dancing with a groomsman that they call “Glitter” … its hard to think of any other situation where you can be on the dance floor with some people that you just met and when the Bon Jovi song comes on you just catch eyes and say “air guitar” then you both break into an intense air guitar battle.

Running security for the GnR “concert” that was performed.

Being moved  when the groom opens the gift from kristi and to witness the reaction of him and his groomsmen when she outdid herself.

Explaining that selfie and facial are not the same thing to a friend.

Impromptu Photo booth

Threatening to take the HoCo boys on in backyard football eastern shore style.

Putting the Father of the bride behind the DJ booth for a sweet mix.

Requesting but not expecting to be called out for playing James brown “Sex Machine” as the officiant.

Quest-Love being the bus driver

After party conversations regarding “the wedding night”


The weekend, the wedding, the reception lived up to the moniker – Epic.