A New Year, New Hope & Good, Clean Fun!

Holiday season is behind us, a new year ahead of us. 2015 offers a fresh start, new beginnings and endless opportunities if I set my mind to it. I dread the long, cold empty winter months. Not only because I loathe the cold weather, but because I feel there is not much to look forward to. I know that sounds less than hopeful, so I need to set my mind to the positive: set creative goals, personal goals and business goals. Kids are back in school, routine is in place once more and yet here I am wondering what can I do to get my ass in gear.WEB Jenny Joey-4036

In retrospect, 2014 brought me much joy and growth. I held two art installations at The Blacksmith and have sold several prints. I have been successfully running a business with my partner in crime and life, and we have survived thus far. I have seen my closest friends fall in love, have babies, and begin new lives for themselves. These are all wonderful things to be thankful for and to remember when I feel down in the dumps.

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What will 2015 bring? We are launching a new creative endeavor with an amazingly talented team, The Barrel Room Sessions, capturing live music performances with great audio and video to promote the art of performing as well as the love of craft beer. I have a creative project of my own that I am pursuing with the help of a talented friend, that may take us into 2016, merging my love of photography, farmland and food. I am also focused on growing our Marketing and Media Production business and taking GCFL to a new level. Maybe these are lofty goals, but if I don’t aim for the sky then how can I move forward?