We Are All Storytellers

Have you seen the awesome Apple ad about the kid movie maker at christmas?  Does it bother you that he never seems to film in landscape?  Do you get frustrated by Facebook photography pages that inevitably pop up as people get new high end cameras for the holidays.  There could easily be frustration for someone like me who is making a legitimate business sharing my own passion for nightlife, arts and entertainment and helping others tell their story with content strategies of their own.  It is reassuring when one of the greatest of all time acknowledges the change in the film making landscape but also shares his optimism of the future.

I grew up not wanting to be a film director.  I grew up wanting to share visual images that entertain and engage.  Skate videos and parodies of stuff like Waynes World is what we did for fun and it was meant to be shared.  In this public letter that Martin Scorsese writes to his daughter resonated with me in regard to the business framework we have put our passion into.

Scorsese says  “the tools don’t make the movie, you make the movie.”  I couldn’t agree more.  I get excited when I see a business that understands the value of telling their own story, especially when they are doing it themselves (even though doing it for others is now my livelihood).  That shows a commitment to running their business like a media company which is the way to stay on top in the future.

Martin Scorcese Open Letter to Daughter