C’Mon Let Me Ride | Mama Got a New Whip

photoFirst car I have bought in 9 years, and making a big change from family grocery getter to something more sleek and efficient. When I told some friends that I was getting a new car, one asked me a very good question. What was the first song I would listen to? Great question for me, as I compile playlists as a habit, so to answer his question I created a new playlist that I will share here!

My favorite guilty pleasure song of the moment happens to be called C’mon Let me Ride so I thought that was more than appropriate to be the first. The second would have to go to my all time favorite band, The Foo Fighters and White Limo, because that played loud with the windows open cruising down the road is amazing. Another song that was a must on this list is Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue, as that song holds special memories of driving my 1980 BMW 320i in high school, down 450 from the Annapolis Mall with the sunroof open, blaring that song at night. The other songs I added to this list were other recent favorites that I love listening to in the car.


<a href=""http://open.spotify.com/user/ndehart/playlist/580N9xYwwHi3Il6JtqcA5y</a">