July 5th, 2013
Photos and review by Michele Landon – Redhead LIVE! Music Photography

Bad Seed Rising

Traveling to the PNC Waterside Pavilion – Calvert Maritime Museum in Solomons Island, Maryland was a stress free drive through some of the prettiest landscapes in Maryland. As you travel down Route 2 you can’t help but wonder about all these well known bands are playing way out here? Yes, a wonderful gem, the PNC Pavilion venue on the waterfront at the Calvert Maritime Museum in Solomons Island, Calvert County, Maryland hosted the concert attendees. There is a wonderful festival type atmosphere here even on this hot evening of over 90 degree temperatures. The staff was professional, friendly, helpful and many were volunteers. From the parking attendants, to the front office and the security staff all made this evening a great although sweltering night. You can’t beat food, beverages, a view, river breeze and several headlining bands! This show was played to a sold out, happy, sweaty crowd.

Maryland’s own Bad Seed Rising opened the show. This group of young adults have really come into their own these last couple years. I hesitate to call them “kids” because they have a bearing far beyond their years of 10-14 on this earth. They have opened for the M3 Rock Festival, and are on a several city tour with the bands here tonight: 3 Doors Down, Daughtry and Halestorm. BSR has played the stage with the Black Veil Brides, Motley Crue and Molly Hatchet, L.A. Guns and will be performing at the Shindig Festival in Baltimore, MD this September 14th with the Dropkick Murphys, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Clutch and many others. And let’s not forget to mention that they have just returned from LA working with Producer John Lousteau at the Foo Fighters Studio. Their first single off their EP “606” should be released in September. Lzzy of Halestorm reminded us that they started playing as a band at the same age as Bad Seed Rising. Hmmm…can you say Grammy in their future? Seriously, if you have a chance to see them opening for one of your favorite bands, make sure you get there early to catch their set. Francheska fronts the band with vocals/guitar, Mason on lead guitar, Iron Aiden on drums and Louey on bass.



Next up was Halestorm. I couldn’t wait to hear them again. Lzzy’s voice will give you goose bumps in a great way! I do wish they had a longer than 40 minute set, but I’ll take what I can get! Lzzy has a way of making each audience feel like they are special. The way she talks and interacts with the audience. Halestorm plays each show as if you are their hometown friends. Hard, gritty rock and soft, “let’s get personal” songs that mesh together into perfection. The band enjoys the crowd, enjoys each other and leaves us wanting to hear more every time. Some of the songs they played were “Love Bites”, “Freak Like Me”, “Rock Show”, “Familiar taste of Poison”, “I Miss The Misery”, “I Get Off” and “Here’s To Us”. Center stage with Halestorm is just that, a storm with Lzzy on vocals/guitar and her brother Arejay on drums/vocals that is hard to take your eyes off of. The anchors that keep the balance for all that happens on either side of the stage are only slightly calmer, Joe on guitar/vocals and Josh on bass/vocals. All together work a wonderful balance and mix to this team. They have been on all the biggest stages and all the biggest festivals and rival any and all, not to mention they came home with a Grammy this past winter for the Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance with their song “Love Bites”. A cool moment after Halestorms set, as Lzzy was making her was down the back stage steps, a very young admirer, maybe 4 years old was brought over to her and she got down on this little persons level and talked with them for a bit and gave them an autograph & photo…made me smile inside. Very excited to see what is next with Halestorm!



The roadies rolled out the lighting set up and shortly thereafter Chris Daughtry and the band Daughtry took the stage to a roaring crowd. Having never seen him before I was interested to hear what he delivered. I was impressed with Daughtry’s performance. He hit it hard and slowed it down, then up again and down. His voice can hit all the levels and even if he’s belting out a rockin’ screamer, he controls it well. On the softer side was a cover of the Phil Collins song “In The Air Tonight”. It was a bit unexpected for me, but reminded me what a great song it is. Halfway through, Brad Arnold, front man of 3 Doors Down came out and sung it with him. Quite magical and a wonderful song for this early July night as someone on the boats behind the stage lit a couple Japanese lanterns and they floated over the stage and crowd. A few of the other songs for the night included “It’s Not Over”, “Home”, “September” and “There and Back Again”. At one point, he had the audience lift up their cell phones and light them up. It was quite a site and perfect background to the evening. Many times through the night Chris came out on the stacks to get closer to the audience and told them how much he appreciated the 4th of July hospitality shown to him & some of the other bands by locals the day before with a BBQ and day out on their boat. I’m guessing he won’t forget Solomons Island anytime soon.

Chris Daughtry – Vocals
Josh Paul – Bass
Brian Craddock – Guitar
Josh Steely – Guitar
Robin Diaz – Drums

3 Doors Down

And the evening ended with 3 Doors Down. Brad Arnold, what can I say. The very first thing I noticed was his honest and true smile. His smile reaches his eyes and shines. From the moment he walked out on that stage he really let everyone know he was delighted to be there. I know the folks in the back couldn’t see that, no big screens at this smaller venue, but for those attending, just to let you know he was…big time! Opening with “Time of My Life”, “Duck and Run” and “Not My Time”. Every member of 3 Doors Down smiled, interacted with the crowd and each other enjoying themselves. That is something I look for when I shoot. Usually you can’t fake that kind of honesty in a band. 3 Doors Down has been around for a while with their international hit, “Kryptonite” gaining them loyal fans. And their 5 albums thereafter with their most recent “The Greatest Hits”. The crowd knew all 12 songs played, singing along. The set had a clarity about it, Brad’s voice, the guitars, drums…everything stood out but all worked together as one. Brads voice was effortless and a pleasure to hear live. I did enjoy my first experience with 3 Doors Down and look to catch them again on tour.

Brad Arnold – Vocals
Chris Henderson – Lead Guitar
Todd Harrell – Bass
Greg Upchurch – Drums
Chet Roberts – Guitar

If you get a chance to see a concert at the PNC Waterside Pavilion at the Calvert Maritime Museum, you should. It’s a more intimate venue and pleasant drive. It’s about a 2-1/2 hour ride from the Mid Shore here on the Delmarva Peninsula…shorter I’m sure if you are lucky enough to go by boat!!

Photography by Michele Landon – Redhead LIVE! Music Photography © 2013