The Festival Experience at Firefly | Live Music Festival Dover DE

firefly-2013-web-1592The Firefly Festival of 2012 was the first for the Dover, DE location and was an amazing experience. When they announced the lineup for the 2013 Firefly Festival, we decided it was more than a necessity to attend again. Public Enemy, The Lumineers, and Red Hot Chili Peppers were enough to entice us, and figured we would end up loving most of the additional acts as well. Tickets sold much quicker and the campsites and other lodging options sold out fast, so we ended up at The Backwoods for camping.

Weather forecast was beyond perfect for festival-going and camping at night. Low humidity, 80 degrees during the day and into the 50’s at night. Check in and setup went fairly smooth and we were lucky to have the coolest neighbors on either side of us! Knowing that this year was at least double capacity, we knew the logistics could prove tough and may not be as smoothly run as last year.

We made it into the first day just in time for the Twenty-One Pilots and still in our mind that was one of the highlights of the weekend. We made sure we made it up to the front rail for Public Enemy, bucket list worthy and well worth the wait! By the time Red Hot Chili Peppers was on and we made it back to the main stage, it was a sea of people as far as the eye could see. The sound was amazing, and  we fully enjoyed the music but as we are used to small venues with original live music and being close to the artists, we decided the smaller stages were much more our thing.

Krewella was up next, being newer to the EDM music I have enjoyed listening to them when I’m at work or at the gym so thought it would be a blast. Have to admit, was rather disappointed when neither of the sisters actually performed on the mic but instead all three members pushed buttons and turned knobs off of one laptop… I was told the look on my face said it all. Wandering aimlessly through the crowd of Krewella followers we ended up at the smallest stage at the Festival and witnessed what I consider redeemed my interest in electronic style music. Dan Deacon, out of Baltimore, was amazing incredible and possibly life-altering as he put on a true performance. Check him out for sure…

Started off day two with flip cup with the camping neighbors, then head over to check out Tsunami Rising on the Hub stage. For day 2 we wandered from stage to stage, checking out the smaller acts but as the day winded down we realized we were ready to head out. We missed the sports action of the Dew Tour, but made sure to make it back in time for the art show in Berlin, MD… stay tuned for that…

Festival Photos