Chapter 5: Childhood Memories

I think we can all look back on our childhood and have some funny stories to share. You know the ones our parents like to repeat at EVERY family function. Not sure why, but my stories seemed to come up the most.

I love sugar. I know most people do, but I REALLY love sugar. My mother told me when I was 4 she let me play in the backyard at our house in Bowie, MD while she was cleaning the house inside. I apparently took it upon myself to leave the yard and walk around the neighborhood knocking on my neighbors doors asking for sweets because my mom “didn’t feed me”. Needless to say, my mother is the original inventor of the child leash! Ha!

Another time was when my teacher was teaching us about animals. She was teaching us about the differnet feet animals had. Dogs/cat/bears have paws, fish have fins, horses/giraffes have hooves, etc. She told us that Octopi have 8 arms and squid have 6 arms, but also 2 tentacles. So after she was done, She asked the class questions about what we learned. She asked about squid and I raised my hand and said “They have 6 arms and 2 (well, let’s just say I didn’t sat teNtAcles).” My teacher just looked at me like I said something nasty. She corrected me and said I had said the wrong word. She never explained what the other thing was, but I learned that on my own, and from health class. LOL

I can remember from when I was very little, I couldn’t pronounce my r’s correctly, so I’d leave them out. One time, my family went out to dinner. We sat down and a few minutes later I apparently had realized I didn’t have a fork or knife. So I loudly screamed out “Where’s my fok n’ knife.” Well, except for it sounded like f***in’ knife. Ah the mouths of 3 year olds!

The last one I can think of was when I was driving to Ohio with my dad and brothers. I told my dad I had to pee. He said we would stop at the next gas station. I saw a sign that said “Exxon 24 hours”. I started crying and told my dad I can’t wait “24 hours to pee!” I was 14.

I’m sure you all have fun childhood memories. It’s funny how certain memories I can still see so clearly. I think that is why I find it so important to make great memories for my girls. Who knows, maybe one of them will be as vocal as I am one day. Lol