Chapter 4 | What is Unconditional Love?

What is unconditional love? Forgiveness? Judgment? I can tell you that I grew up in a house of amazing unconditional love! Having 3 brothers and a sister you can imagine what we put our parents through, but NO MATTER WHAT, they loved each of us how we were made, inside and out. We were never judged and always forgiven for our many mistakes.

Have you ever loved someone but not liked their choices? Have you put stipulations on them? Have you expected them to be a certain way? I think in many ways we all have. But the thing to remember is this, when you love someone you have to love ALL of them, even the things they do wrong or the things that get on your nerves. We can’t expect people to be like us in every way. How boring would that be! We also need to let people decide things that are on their hearts and just hope they make the best decision.

Isn’t love the greatest gift we can give and receive? Unconditional love. Love to not judge others for their choices regardless if they don’t agree with yours. Love is so powerful. And forgiveness…why hold onto grudges. Holding onto a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Forgive and move on. What a waste of life to continue with anger. You will be amazed at the release you get from forgiving. And judgment. If it doesn’t impact you directly then support and maybe take the time to look at the other side because I can tell you first hand that there is ALWAYS two sides if not 3. And if someone’s choice does impact or effect you, then again look at all sides and forgive. Communicate to that person your feelings not everyone else. If you hear someone is angry with another family member, encourage communication instead of fueling the fire. Life is so short.