Chapter 3 | What Makes A Leader?

You will find that most of my humorous thoughts come in the form of one liners. When I am writing about topics, I tend to hit my deeper emotional side. Someone once told me that I “annoyed” them with my joy and confidence. I actually took it as a huge compliment. Why shouldn’t we live to our fullest in everything. If people don’t like me because of who I am, oh well, their loss.

Anyways, what makes a leader? I have always been told I was a leader but I have fallen more times than I like to admit. Honestly, I have fallen so much I could be a candidate for the Scooter store! I suppose I have always had a passion for living and wanted to share that with others. I can remember as a child wanting to be in a play. I tried out for Colonial Players in Annapolis for Peter Pan. My mother came to wake me up and tell me I got a part!! “Yay” I screamed, “what am I?” “A dancing tree” my mother replied. I think that was the first time in my life I actually thought of a few profanity words and screamed them in my head, “a freaking dancing tree” really? Well I decided that wasn’t good enough so I got my neighborhood friends together and we put on the play “Annie” for all our parents and yes, I was Annie and the director. It’s not that I always had to be in charge, I am a great follower if I believe in what’s being followed, it’s just if I have an idea, I don’t just think about it, I put it into action. Sometimes I fail, and I am ok with that. One of the things I hope I can teach my girls is that as long as you have “tried your best” in everything, with all your heart, even if you fail, it’s ok.

So what is it that YOU have been putting off because you are waiting for someone to come along and start it first? We are ALL leaders, we just need to take the steps to not be afraid and if you fail, who cares, you tried your best. Besides you will annoy the person who didn’t do it first, and that my friend, is a huge compliment!!! 🙂