Chapter 2: The Box

What is “a box” to you? Now some of you may think of it as something you live in. Maybe you have a dirty mind or maybe it’s something you use to store things. For me when I think of my childhood I often think of a box, a refrigerator box actually. I grew up in Eastport in Annapolis. We lived two blocks from the Chart House and two blocks from a furniture store. I can remember my brothers and a few of the neighborhood kids running by the furniture store after school and the guy who worked there, would give us these great big boxes which we would lug home and make forts out of. My good friends across the street, Hope and Nathan, would usually supply the yard we built them in. I remember one time in particular where we were all in our forts and Hope started talking about getting baptized. Her father was a baptist minister at the church right next to their house. As we sat in the box, she was telling me how her father was going to dunk her in a pool in front of the whole church. I remember thinking how odd that was and so different from me, but at the same time fascinated. I grew up Methodist. Baptized as a baby. Prior to the day Hope was to get “dunked”, I asked my mother if I could go watch. I was about 12 years old at the time. As I watched Hope and listened to her father talk about God, I didn’t understand exactly what was happening to her, but I remember wanting to learn more about it and why it was different then what they did at my church. You see I think as humans we tend to stick to what’s comfortable, afraid of learning about the unknown. Why are people different? Why don’t they choose the same things we do? The same ways we live, act, love, treat others, believe….I could go on. My point is this, no matter what you think of when you think of “a box”, we all need to step out of ours every now and then to learn about the world around us. Lets not judge people’s choices from “our comfortable box”, lets learn about them, talk to them…and maybe you too may be fascinated by what you discover.