jack-daniel-tasting-2011-07Music is always been my biggest muse. I don’t think I’ve missed a Grammy’s yet since I was a little girl. I would grab a bowl of popcorn and rush to my parents room, (I wasn’t allowed to have a tv in my room growing up-oh how times have changed!) plop myself down, and be in pure heaven for 3 hours. After watching the Grammy’s last Sunday, it’s still incredible to me to see how much music has changed and how sounds have integrated with each other to make some of the most unique artists, song writers, and musicians. Cultures, genres, and inspiration have collided into an explosive industry. Some of today’s talent completely blows my mind.

Ever since I can remember music has always been apart of my life. I began playing the drums at 9, sang in the choir and chorus from age 6 till high school, began writing songs in middle school, and I even picked up the guitar. But I let that all come to screeching halt once I got into high school, sports became the priority. But I would spend hours listening to every genre of music out there from jazz and blues to country and as we used to call it “Top 40.” 🙂 Everything from B.B. King and Miles Davis to Flogging Molly and Elton John. I seem to have some weird sixth sense for picking up the lyrics to songs after listening to them only two or three times, and now I’ve seemed to pass that trait on to my 3-year-old daughter who is constantly singing the words to every Taylor Swift song and claims that Justin Bieber is her boyfriend! (Boy am I in for it when she turns 15!)

The power of music is awe-inspiring. It can heal the soul and also help with the rehabilitation of patients with traumatic brain injuries. It can boost your mood, give you inspiration, mend a broken heart, give insight into life, fight depression, comfort, and relieve pain. It can be the perfect song on your wedding day, send memories rushing back, take you to a far off land, and even be your best friend when you need one the most.

Music has always been such an influential part of life. My dad used to tell me growing up that “if I could remember half of my school work like I remember song lyrics, I’d be a genius.” LOL! Looking back now, I remember the days of pretending to be Casey Kasem making my own radio shows, to actually working for radio stations, bartending in music venues, flipping through cases upon cases of CD’s I refuse to part with, and the endless, I seriously mean endless ticket stubs thrown into a scrapbook. Music has been my muse, my inspiration, fueled my passion, ignited a spark, filled gaping holes in my heart, and changed my very own personal story many times.

Life can be complete chaos sometimes, it can spin and turn us upside down at a moments notice. But knowing you can turn on a switch, click on Itunes, grab your Iphone, or just on turn up the radio, you can find peace, hope, love, laughter, help, excitement, and complete wellness in a matter of seconds. I think some times as humans we’re always looking for the “bigger picture” and miss out on the simplest things searching for the bigger ones. Music is that small simple pleasure that can change your day or life in a matter of seconds.

So here’s my challenge to you for the week. Turn off the tv, dig through your old CDs, Itunes, Pandora, and now 8tracks. (The new upcoming thing!) And find out what speaks to you. You never know what you’ll gain from dusting off that old John Coltrane vinyl. 😉 Don’t forget to comment and let me know some of your favorites. Or how music has changed your life. I love hearing from you. So, turn it up and dance like no ones watching!

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