Baltimore Maryland Live Music | Wild Night for the Wild Ones

Review and photography by Michele Landon – Redhead LIVE! Music Photography

Black Veil Brides – Rams Head Live – Baltimore, MD – Jan. 18th 2013
dsc_4001-copyWhen I heard the Black Veil Brides of Hollywood, CA were coming to Rams Head Live in Baltimore with their “Church of the Wild Ones Tour”, I knew I wanted to go and see what all the talk was about. I had been hearing about them for awhile and since they have just released their 3rd album “Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones”, now seemed to be the perfect time! Checking them out on Facebook, YouTube and elsewhere on the web prior to the show, I found they have a huge following and when I arrived at the venue the lines were going out the door and down the block. We had even arrived an hour before the doors opened, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Young ladies wearing makeup that matched their favorite band member was the look of the night. The BVB Army is alive and LOUD in Baltimore!

The Relapse Symphony from Washington, DC, Bad Seed Rising from Maryland and William Control of Seattle, WA warmed the crowd up and each had a different look and vibe. The crowd was straining against the barricade and the fans were holding up their BVB art, banners and signs. A glimpse of the song list taped to the stage showed that it was going to be a music packed show. The Relapse Symphony guys lead the crowd into chanting the Black Veil Brides to the stage and the night exploded with I Am Bulletproof.

Andy Biersack, frontman for The Black Veil Brides, belted out the songs to a full, as in you can’t move foot in any direction, packed house. When he paused to talk to the crowd, it was clear that his voice was strained. Later I found out he and pretty much the rest of the band was getting over colds. But they never let on. Personally I can’t imagine doing what they do when you aren’t feeling well.

Andy, Ashley, Jinxx and Jake strutted, sang and hypnotized the crowd while Christian on the drums beat out New Religion, Wretched and Divine, and All Your Hate. After leaving the pit area, I moved to the right of the stage and 1/3 of the way back on the floor to watch the rest of the show. I was disappointed that it was difficult to photograph CC on the drums. He was set high on risers and was pretty much hidden by the drums themselves and the lighting. The lights were impressive if not a little blinding but well done. The guys put on a hell of a show. I don’t think I have ever been to a concert where the crowd sang each and every word to every song…at the top of their lungs! I wish I could say I was able to get a really good read on the music, but the crowd singing really did overpower everything. But I really didn’t mind…it was who the band is. They have a devoted and incredible fan base that love them dearly.

Several girls had to be pulled from the barricades due to the stress and heat, and kudos to the security at Rams Head Live for keeping an eye out for the safety of all. Three levels of BVB Army received intimate appreciation from the Black Veil Brides. They played to everyone in every corner of the venue and the army sent their love back in volumes! Ashley made a heart with his hands and sent it to all with a smile and the crowd sent them back. During one of the songs Andy told the crowd to light up their phones and the stage was bathed in an eerie greenish glow with only the cell phone pads held in the air with several old school lighters.

They have power, skills, showmanship and the ability to hold everyone thru the night until the end. From what I have seen from older video and concert footage, these guys are growing more and more with each album. They are very creative and taking their music even further with a movie, “Legion of the Black”, that goes hand and hand with the new album and tour. I thoroughly enjoyed The Black Veil Brides and will be waiting in line the next time they come to Baltimore…but with the well deserved accolades they are receiving worldwide, I do believe they will be on a bigger stage next time around! They are on tour in the UK now and you can catch them at Rock On The Range this spring!

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