Since the inception of GCFL, we have had the fortune of photographing and covering some great bands introduced to us by “Pirate Rob”, aka Rob Bryan. For years there have been music festivals and concerts planned and promoted by Rob, including a wide variety of musical acts. Every¬†February¬†for the last 4 years we have attended one of the largest of such events, held annually at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD. Bringing together live music, entertainment, artists and vendors of all types. Due to the popularity in past years, this year will be over 2 nights, Saturday February 16 and Sunday February 17th. Tickets can be purchased for either night, and the lineup for each night is below the photos.

Photos from 2012
NIGHT I Saturday February, 16th

1:00 Pasadena (45mins)

12:40 OZ (15mins)

12:00 The Grilled Lincolns (35mins)

11:40 Minlus & McCracken (15mins)

11:00 Lovebettie (35mins)

10:40 Andrew Robear (15mins)

10:00 86 The Effort (35mins)

9:40 Fresh Competition (15mins)

9:00 Bumpin Uglies (35mins)

8:40 Bishop (15mins)

8:00 Sweet Leda (35mins)

7:40 Beauregard (15mins)

7:00 8 Ohms (30mins)

6:20 The Substance (30mins)

5:40 Cheezy & The Crackers (30mins)

5:00 Sensible Roots (30mins)


Night II Sunday February, 17th

1:00 Pasadena (45mins)

12:40 Cutt Throat & Sayne (15mins)

12:00 Bond & Bentley (35mins)

11:40 Drew Daniels (15mins)

11:00 Billy Lyve (35mins)

10:40 Cheyne (20mins)

10:00 Dale and The ZDubs (35mins)

9:40 Karissa Laren (15mins)

9:00 Loving The Lie (30mins)

8:40 Nate Clendenen (15mins)

8:00 Skribe (30mins)

7:40 Shawn Owen (15mins)

7:00 Bryan Russo (30mins)

6:20 The Solicitors (30mins)

5:40 THe Baby PLEASE! (30mins)

5:00 Wise Eyes (30mins)