Gentlemans Club

There has been a number of things that have led me down or pointed the way to my most recent idea/concept. We live an especially casual life. Business casual is the norm and for me specifically sometimes I go to work in swim trunks and flip flops. There is no such thing as a casual Friday because everyday is casual Friday. Even our national popular television programming features shows that celebrate the stupidity of low class southerners or no class jersey shore idiots. I think the pendulum needs to swing the other way and bring back a balance.

I was recently at a wedding that was, to the couples credit, one of the more stylish affairs I’ve attended. What made it even better was that it was attended but nearly all of the drink slingers, tattoo artists, and hardworking fun-having people in our beach town. Sure some folks may have muttered under their breath about getting dressed up on a Sunday, which is in many cases was their only day off. But they did it and damned if everyone didn’t look spot on sharp and enjoy doing so.

The second realization I had was at a bachelor party I was attending. So often guys have the opportunity to do something but fail to plan a night out. Then the bachelor party becomes that occasion to “let it all out” and so much pent up pressure to have a good time that often people go overboard and are having a “drunken guy talk” at the end of the night opposed to enjoying the company of all those around them.

Similarly I’ve always said “nothing good ever happens after shots.” I get that most of the people in the service industry have one degree of separation to a bartender. I get that bartenders do shots, it make some sense after all they are working hard to serve and please all of their clients. Their job is to not show special favor of one over the other. However, if you know one or are one of these creatures and you want to share a moment with a friend passing through the quickest and easiest way to do that is with a shot. The problem is it is a false sense of closeness and you don’t have the chance to savor anything.

I am starting a club, for gentlemen, but hopefully will grow to be much bigger than just a club and become a movement. The last Friday of every month, guys are invited to look sharp and savor the good things in life. We may not be gentlemen all the time or always afford the finer things, but you can make the best of what we have for one night a month. Its a social club for good clean fun. Its could be like the Elks or the Lions club but for the modern age. Or like the Wise Guys or the Rat Pack with out the crime. A networking club that doesn’t talk business. For right now its just an idea that is worth pursuing. Come out and join us or participate from your own spot. We start with simple guidelines :

Gentleman’s Club Night Guidlines:
A night to savor the good things
Look good, and feel good
Act accordingly
The last Friday of every month from 6 till.