Animal House At Fager’s Deck Party

Animal House was kickin’ off the beginning of the off season last night at Fager’s Island with another exciting show. Animal House is a non-stop explosion of cover music starting from the 60’s and ranging to today. One of the things that makes Animal House unique is their wide range of vocal artists.

It seemed almost every song they played there was a different member of the band on lead vocals which expanded their diversity in song choices. Along with them being exceptional instrumentalists their versatile voices added to the character of the band. I hope to get some more people out during this off season to come out and experience this exciting and fun band.

If you feel like hearing one of your favorite songs from the past you can count on Animal House to play it like you remember. Have a look at their song list and tour schedule on their website at I’m sure George Garcia would love to talk about setting up a show for for your next wedding or private party…they really rock the place!