Dew Tour Weekend Wrap Up | Ocean City MD

by: Todd DeHart


Skateboarding Legends in Berlin, MD - Punk Rock Fish Studio

Once more the circus came to town, and and when it is all said and done the Dew Tour was a success. Ocean City hosts a number of events – some big, some small – but no other event reaches more people via the television coverage by NBC and The TV coverage showcases the town in its best roll – the backdrop for a good time. On this stop of the Dew Tour, known as the Pantech Beach Championships, letting the rest of the world know what we already do – Ocean City is synonymous with “the Beach.”

For us locals it about the love of the beach lifestyle. Having a good time biking, boarding and surfing all rooted in fun which has now jumped to the level of profession. There are plenty of people that I know around here that are professionals at having fun. So hosting internationally known athletes and media is like welcoming in kindred spirits.

There are challenges too, like getting off work to get to take it all in, the overwhelming amount of experience to be had between the festival area, the concerts and competitions. Lots of talented people concerned about gaining access and accessibility to the the events and athletes and of course dealing with a few posers jumping on the band wagon. But all in all its about being a good host for no other reason than that is what we as locals do.

This year as in last, there were parties and after parties and after-after parties. When I spoke with Matt Dove and found out that he was having another art show at his new studio in Berlin, I knew it was a great opportunity for a few people to get away from the craziness of Ocean City and to see great works of art, get some good food in the form of some Maryland blue crabs, and hang out and relax in Maryland’s coolest small town. Heck the Mayor was even there to enjoy in the festivities. Gee Williams is all about pushing the arts and entertainment in our town and didn’t miss the chance to jump on the mic to say a few words about it.

For me there was the opportunity to sit and talk with some of the my personal childhood hero’s like Steve Cabellero and Christian Hosoi. Talking about art, the business of art and and eating Maryland blue crabs was great, but most satisfying to me is that Berlin continues to grow and develop as a cultural center for the area and is a great compliment to visitors of all types to Ocean City. The hometown feel was definitely present as Matt hosted a great art show and Ocean City once again hosted the Dew Tour.

Ice Plant Art Show
Dew Tour Skate Vert
Legends Bowl
Dew Tour Skate Bowl