Alternative Art in Berlin,MD has a Bright Future

When I heard that Matt Dove was closing his studio on 611 in West Ocean City, I was bummed because it was one of the first full time legit studios and gallery in our area for the alternative art scene. There were great works by Matt and many of the talented local artists, always on display.  Thankfully Matt found a new home for his working studio and is currently getting ready for another art show.  I am particularly excited  because he is now located in Berlin, giving more credence to the moniker of Maryland’s Coolest Small Town.  So naturally,  a meeting of the minds was set between Maryland’s coolest mayor, Gee Williams and  Matt with a  quick introduction and impromptu meeting at Matts new studio and fish hatchery. Ideas and ground work were laid for everything from youth programs, to sound studios, to skatepark committees to art enrichment for the town to establish its place for the next decade.  The future is very bright for Berlin and the Arts, welcome to town Matt and Punk Rock Fish Studios.