Blockstock is Back Again at Ocean City’s Party Block

bumpin_uglies_blockstock_2010_03Last week we were at the inaugural Firefly Festival that featured the nation’s premier entertainment.  This weekend is the weekend we will be attending the the Ocean City version of the same thing.  DNL Entertainment is hosting BlockStock IV at the Party Block, 1700 Philadelphia Ave.  This is like Firefly, a gathering of multiple bands on multiple stages, and sure it would be easy to poke fun at the difference in scope between the two, but at the heart of the matter all music showcases are the same.

It is more than just a lot of music crammed into a small space. This is a chance for great musicians to get together and share and collaborate.  It is a chance for these artists to also be fans as well as make new fans.  It is also a chance for fans to see new acts that they may not get to see otherwise and find new music.

I know and have seen most all of the acts that will be playing this years Blockstock and I’m excited to see some old friends like The Electric CO, Lower Class, and Pasadena.  But more than that, I’m excited to see a couple guys that are new to the bill like A_n_D, and Life on Repeat.  The bill is full of great acts that may very well be on the next major festival bill.  Lovebettie, has already played the Milwaukee Muisc Fest and Berlins own Bryan Russo will be opening for G.Love this week.

Images from Past Blockstock Events