Artist Spotlight – Trevor Dunt Revisited

I’m a  fan of Trevor Dunt.  As an artist he sets himself apart from most.  As an individual he is a hard working  professional that moonlights with his passion.    We have done an artist spotlight on him as well as on the .  Even still it is worth visiting again as he has got new ingeniousness stuff just finished up.

Good art evokes emotion and great art takes you to a different place and time. Trevor’s Movie book Prints do just that for me.  I see the prints and am immediately back in my youth walking through a used book store and perusing the 2 dollar bins.  I feel the excitement of seeing one of your favorite stories gracing a tattered book cover.  The edges creased and worn on the simple design  is a testament to the story behind the cover.

Part book cover part movie poster the redesign prints are some of the coolest things around.  Some how it reaches back to before each of these movies became such a big part of our culture.  Book cover design that is meant to incite a reader to crack the cover and are Available for sale to add to your personal collection.