Tales From the Chair Returns!

Most of you know I am a Sergeant with the OCBP and supervise the south end from the Inlet to 20th street. For many years I supervised the area between 50th street and the Clarion hotel so coming down south has been a whole new adventure to say the least! It’s two months into my job and I would like to share with you all a few of my most favorite moments from the south!

Best questions and statements I have heard so far:

1. While sitting on my quad at 5th street a guy ran up to me and said “hey any place to get food around here?” Not sure if he sees the same boardwalk I do!

2. “I didn’t know we had shell less beaches”

3. “When do the jellyfish come out?”

4. “What ocean is this?”

5. “Can I ride my bike on the beach?

6. “I thought you had to pay to go on the beaches in Jersey!!”

7. “Can I swim out and pet the dolphins?”

8. “When do you let the dolphins out?”

9. “do you know how to swim?” man I hope so!

10. Tourist “Can you put sunscreen on my back?” uh no

My all-time favorite which I received while I was in dispatch was during senior week (or as some say, June bugs). Man called in and asked me about senior week and what they do. I proceeded to tell him they party all night, sleep all day, play volleyball and soccer on the beach…etc….he paused for a long moment and said “wow, I’m not sure my wife and I can keep up doing all those things!”…..oh know it’s not the early bird special type of senior week!!! Although maybe the town should look into doing a “senior week” in the fall for all those wonderful seniors wanting to re-live their youth!!! Low priced movies, early bird specials at every restaurant; movies on the beach old time classic style….I think this could be a huge marketing tool for the city! Just my opinion of course. 🙂

One of the most frustrating things I have noticed this summer is people not cleaning up their trash! It is unbelievable how people think leaving any type of trash is ok; cigarettes, used diapers, broken bottles….I just don’t understand it. Of course I have come to carry plastic bags with me on my quad for those people who may need a little assistance!

I can’t believe we are into the middle of July already. I suppose my children will be giving me Christmas lists before I know it! Thank you to all the wonderful people who keep Ocean City safe; OCBP, OCPD, OCVFD, the finest EMS/ paramedics (DB 😉 ), not to forget the OCPW’s department for keeping our city clean!


Stay safe everyone!!!