jackmove-ocean-city-nightlife-10I have the distinct pleasure to work at an independently owned radio station It has a good format that includes a lot of the best of rock. It is also located about what is considered Jamaica USA a little place called Seacrets. (Shhh don’t tell anyone ) There is a strong reggae influence, almost by osmosis, from the adult Disneyland below the radio stations floors. The best of rock and reggae, so it only makes sense to do an artist spotlight on the Ska Band Jackmove. out of Va Beach. who will be opening for Pepper at Seacrets tonight.

Ska to the uninitiated, as been considered the predecessor to reggae and Dance hall in Jamaica when local musicians influenced by American jazz started to combine it indigenous calypso. However the real fun started in the the 70s when the “two tone revolution” of ska started and English artists like The Specials and The Clash brought skankin’ to the world.

Jackmove, from VA Beach, is the epitome of ska in it’s most recent form with horns, organ, guitars the whole nine yards. I first saw them a couple years ago in Ocean City, and it has been too long since we have had the chance to see seen them again. I still listen to these guys on a regular basis. Whether I am “doing the work” or lamenting about music taste like in “don’t you be my neighbor” these guys get it done.

Their energy is high as is their passion for the music. It translates in their live performances, so here is hoping that you have tickets to the sold out show at Seacrets tonight. If you do get there when the doors open cause these guys are worth the price of admission themselves.