Partying Advice from the Host of the Party Zone | Ocean 98.1 Irie Radio

So it was my great idea to help drive traffic to the radio station website. “Have every one write an article” I said, “it will be great” I said. I even made the comment that it would be easy, after all I do it on a regular basis for Shorebread and of course for Good Clean Fun.. Leslie, the responsible one, would be like the managing editor and put together a calendar of when articles are due. It was a great plan until I missed my deadline to do my article.

So I humbly submit my first article to the Ocean 98 news section of our site. Working for a radio station for a year now has been a real trip, and everyone has their area of expertise, mine presumably is partying, after all I am the Host of the Party Zone (Saturday Nights from 7 to 12). So I offer these suggestions when partying in Ocean City.

  • Listen to Ocean 98 for the best mix of rock (obviously) for the entertainment calendar updated on the daily and broadcast on the :20 min
  • Take your time getting to where you are going (safety first, then team work) Ocean City is only 7 miles, you will get there eventually.
  • Check the Calendar on for original music and special events around town. (Shameless Plug)
  • If you are going to party wear a hat. You don’t want to have any unwanted partyiers (wink, wink)