So I have been in a bit of a rut, sort of dreading making the trek into Ocean City these days. Partly because of wanting to avoid the crowds, and partly because of all the ridiculous people who pay no attention to the fact that Coastal Highway is just that, an 8 lane highway. Instead of talking about the negative, instead I am focusing on the positive! Tuesday night, July 4th Eve, I hitched a ride into town with Todd since he was working at Mackys and decided to take photos of where the night took me.

Jeremy was working at the Skye Bar, and I was hungry so I walked 12 blocks from Macky’s and it pretty much brought me back to the summer in college that I lived in town. Walking or riding the bus everywhere, I appreciated the crowds, full buses passing by, families playing mini golf and remembered this is the fun side of the summer crowds in Ocean City. Walking up the stairs to the Skye Bar, I was hoping to snag a seat at the bar. Ordered a drink and just wandered around until a couple seats opened up, which was perfect as I was waiting for a friend to join me. Enjoying some great calamari and a Ketel Orange Crush, and time with friends and DJ BK was playing fun music…this was a perfect remedy to the original negative feeling about spending time in town.

Uptown at JC’s Northside Pub, Bond & Bentley were playing, and it has been awhile since I have been up to JC’s so it was decided that would be the next spot. Good crowd, meeting new people and having one of the new craft beers on tap there was another highlight of the night. Thanks to Gina, Brittany and Brandi for making me cut loose a bit and thoroughly enjoy a night out without planning.

After being dropped back off to Macky’s, I arrived just in time for the last couple songs and getting to witness a truly packed dance floor or mostly good, clean fun. This crowd has a blast! They all get dressed up for the theme parties, and dance their butts off in the summer heat. Rather impressed that this is what Todd gets to be a part of every week, no wonder he loves it so much!

These are the times I need to remember, instead of worrying about the bad, focus on the fun! Thanks Ocean City, MD for making me remember the good times!