july-4th-with-the-kidsI don’t mean to brag I don’t mean to boast …… I live at the beach and the land of pleasant living.  It is still not lost on me that people come down  here for their vacation, and I appreciate it.  My daily existence is full of images and scenes that are the stuff that marketers in the concrete jungles try to capture to sell you what they are pushing.

I love having fourth of July in the middle of the week. A summer holiday like the fourth can be the cause of some concern for the indigenous population.  Having it exaclty between two weekends seems to have spread out the invitable swelling of  people on our streets and beaches.

Heading out on the fourth was a breeze,  grabbing lunch with the kids at Fishtales turned into a parenting opportunity. I was able to point out to my son what is appropriate attire to wear in public in a Family Resort.  “Son, I don’t care how large of a man you are it is never OK to wear a shirt that say’s “F**k  B****es” (the shirt didn’t have the ***, just the words). Saying this in ear shot of the guy wearing said shirt.

The next parenting lesson at Fish Tales would be about  nutrition.  At the Hot Dog eating contest being a member of the clean plate club is a necessity but having less debris on your plate can be the difference between 2nd and 3rd place, and a couple hundred dollar swing in prize money.

When I was I kid I remember going to the neighborhood, pool it was a cool place.  I wonder what my kids will think when they look back and think…” Well Coconuts is a cool beach to go to with locals, music, and a pool,  but the Riptide has them all together in close proximity, with the beach and boardwalk all right there.”

Capping the Day of excellence would be a stop by Crabs to Go on our way home to pick up a couple dozen crabs.  Not only were the crabs good but my faith in the future of humaity was encouracged by the systematic, efficient, “tight ship” of service that was had there by young people on staff.  Service is harder than you think to come by, especially when the name of the business is what people want.  “Crabs to Go”