My Obsession With Food…Photos

Yes, I am one of those people who take photos of food. I have taken photos of plated dishes for articles, for websites and for my own record. I enjoy food: planning, preparing, and enjoying, so why not have a photo taken for remembering? I have a camera on me at all times, sometimes my real camera, but all the time my iPhone camera. I use Instagram as an imagery diary of sorts, taking a snapshot of the moment whether I see something hilarious, catching a fleeting moment with my children, or most commonly of some type of culinary delight.

Currently, being part of a “Veggie Club” (CSA) we get a share of an assortment of veggies that we have not normally prepared in years past, and I love the challenge it brings. So, I have decided to try dishes that the kids would eat normally and substituting the new veggies into the dish. The most recent, the roasted veggie pasta was a huge hit, and colorful to boot!

In a way, this is the 2012 version of our Buy Local Challenge we took last summer, we are shopping for produce at the Farmer’s Market and hoping we can go without those items that we cannot get there…but some items prove difficult to part with. We are doing our part to try and buy local throughout the year, rather then just for the summer.

Anywho… here are many of my more recent food photos…I may try to do this on a weekly basis, we will see!