Pasadena Takes Over Ocean City MD

joey-corey-skye-4Feels like it had been forever since we had seen Pasadena perform, so why not see them twice in one weekend! With this dreadful heat wave we have had, sitting at the beach seemed like the best option, still expecting the heat to be unbearable. Pleasantly surprised on Saturday, as the beach seemed to be perfect! Beautiful cool green water, steady breeze and somehow seemed to be low humidity. To make it even better, we took the family and met friends at the 26th street beach, so we could hear Pasadena play at the Riptide. Pretty much a perfect day.

Sunday Funday was adult only adventure out to The Skye Bar at Galaxy 66 for some cool drinks and an acoustic set by Joey and Cory of Pasadena. Been awhile since having the chance to get some good performance photos, so was a perfect chance. I am sure most of you have already had the opportunity to catch them play, but if you haven’t it’s a must!

Wednesday July 4th at Pickles Pub in Ocean City, MD 10 pm

Thursday July 5th at the Caribbean Pool Bar in Ocean City, MD 7 pm