*UPDATE* Visit Lowside Magazine to get a special edition t-shirt created to help raise funds for Debbie. 

We here at GCFL are big fans of Debbie Fitch Photography and have featured her in one of our Artist Spotlights. We were saddened to hear of the crash she was in this weekend, and want to do whatever we can to help! This is where you come in. Take a look at her photography and tell me that she isn’t incredibly talented. That being said, please read the plea below and consider donating to help.


Please help Debbie with her medical expenses to get back on her feet as a freelance photographer!

Debbie Fitch is a freelance photographer and a senior photographer for Lowside Syndicate. She was recently involved in a high speed highway motorcycle crash that sent her to UMMC Shock Trama. Fortunately she has survived the crash with no major life threatening injuries. However her prized possessions, her bike and camera did not. She is in good spirits but currently has 4 vertebrae broken, a ruptured spleen, a broken clavicle, sprained ankle, damaged hip and knee and some road rash. It will take several months before she will be back on her feet.

Being a professional photographer, she is a one woman company. So she has no one else to cover her work while she is out. While recovering from her injuries for the next several months, she will be unable to work to cover her medical expenses that will be incurred from this accident. We have created this fund to help cover her medical expenses so she can continue her dreams and passion in her career of photography when she gets back on her feet.

Click Here to Help!