b65a9c9e-1096-4770-a606-23f52107a3ebAnnual vacation trek to the Outer Banks of North Carolina has become more and more enjoyable and easy now that the kids are older. The family has grown across the board, with three new babies all born within the last 2 months, joining the ranks of the Sondberg Clan. Many milestones to celebrate this year, with big wedding anniversaries, high school and college graduations, and 18th and 21st birthdays…Instead of having one big party we instead decided to have a huge family portrait taken. Shall be interesting to see how that plays out this evening at sunset on the beach, you know, the standard.

The week is coming to a close, after a trip of sunny days, great food and family time. Sunsets over the golf course, paddleboarding on the sound, running on the dunes at Jockey’s Ridge, playing in the surf and enjoying a couple outings to our favorite watering hole, Tortuga’s Lie. Instead of thinking about vacation ending, I rather like to think of it as summer is just beginning.