The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth

I’ve talked about it before and have always expressed my love for nerds.  As I define it to be a nerd about something is to be passionate, nearly to the point of obsession, about a single sub cultural activity or thing.  For example, last week in Ocean City  we had car nerds and Air Show nerds, and I’ve written about the Bikers too.

Of course the traditional nerd is a now an iconic image.  The taped glasses, the high water pants, and pocket protector this is the imagery of the super smart socially awkward outcast that where picked on in High School.  Of course as the 1984 classic film predicted that the nerds did get their revenge.  

After the Air Show this past weekend, don’t forget before Tom Crusie’s  wingman Goose was a high flying jet pilot in the movie Top Gun, he was one of the outcasts of Lambda Lambda Lambda tring to score with a cheerleader.

With social networks (created and engineered by nerds) connecting groups of people with common interests and passions, they are no longer outcasts and can be celebrated.  And I can think of no better way to celebrate than to get dressed up as a nerd for the Macky’s Theme Party.  There is no doubt the the crew at Macky’s are nerds about dressing up and having a good time and tonight should be no different.

Whether you come as a traditional nerd or dress up as your favorite gaming character there will be prizes for drink specials and maybe even some roll-playing.

Tweet me (@ToddDehart) your get up before you come out  and I’ll by a round for the best one.

I’ll See you at the DJ booth