Ocean City Air Show – 2012

I first attended the OC Air Show three years ago, and was not expecting to be impressed…but I was wrong! I had attended a couple of the kick off events and had the chance to hang out with the Thunderbirds, and made friends with a couple of them. What a crazy busy life they lead, the couple years they are with the Thunderbirds, and having the chance to get to know them before seeing the planes in action was a great experience. Once you witness the Thunderbirds in the sky, as the Air Demonstration Team, you appreciate the precision of their ability.

Tonight is the Bacardi Welcome Party to be held at FishTales, with the Parachute Jump Team. These pre-show events are actually a great way to meet some of the ¬†performers before the big weekend. If you don’t want to fight the crowds Saturday and Sunday, the preview/practice on Friday at noon is a good time to catch a glimpse.

Some of the performers for this years OC Air Show:

  • F-18 Hornet Demo
  • US Air Force Thunderbirds
  • Black Diamond Jet Team
  • GEICO Skytypers
  • US Navy Seals ‘Leap Frogs’
  • Rob Holland
  • US Army 101st Airborne
Some photos from years past: