This Sunday June 3rd local area surfers will bring out some of their boards for the annual Fager’s Island Surf Swap. Surf swaps are pretty common in the surf world for a couple, generalized reasons. Most surfers collect more boards than they could ever ride at any given time. And they are usually looking for a deal, not because they are frugal but because all the money they have is usually on them at that moment. Crinkled up and wet inside of thier board shorts.

It is a great event that happens every year at the fire pit area on Fager’s beach. Added last year was a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) race and Demo. With the rapid growth of the SUP market this years race is likely to be even bigger than last year. If you haven’t tried SUP this is a great opportunity to demo one without feeling like you have to be a Marathoner fitness pro to do so.

Food and beer available, as well as local bands performing make it a non-surfer friendly event as well, and kids are welcome. Just remember, surf boards are many times like priceless works of art, make sure the kids in attendance treat the boards respectfully. Or you can walk around like I do and just make comments like. “I got so barreled on a board just like that” or “I left mine in Indo” or to the chicks say “would you like to explore my green room”

See ya on Sunday