I am fortunate but uninformed.  I have never  lost someone while they were serving our country, but I don’t know if it is offensive to say Happy Memorial Day.  I think it probably is so I don’t say it but it remains the fact that while workers enjoy the three day weekend, they don’t want to sit around mourning either.  Memorial Day, the traditional kick off to summer is more pleasantly thought of as the green light to wear white, and have a BBQ.  In Ocean City, MD locals brace themselves for the invasion of hoards of people attacking the beach.  The folks in the service industry battle valiantly to make sure that the invaders are met with a smile and their needs for fun and sun are met.

In a tourist town it is easy to forget the original meaning of Memorial Day and that is ok to a degree.  My sense is that the type of person that is proud to serve and proud to make the ultimate sacrifice would want their family and friends and country mates to show quiet respect, as well as and outward joy for the freedom that they have provided us.

Don’t forget its an election year and no matter what you think about politics our system is still pretty bitchin’ compared to the rest of the world.

DON”T be too cool to vote, it is one of our many freedoms that we should embrace fully.