And So It Begins | Summer in Ocean City MD

I can’t believe Memorial Day weekend is upon us! I feel like I just went Christmas shopping or celebrating Valentine’s Day with the man (DB)! With the summer season now here I felt it a good time to write about some things that you and your family can do to stay safe while visiting our beaches here in Ocean City, MD.

As most of you know I am starting my 19th year with the OCBP so I will share a few facts with you about our organization followed by some safety tips. The OCBP is starting its 83rd year and employs 200 people each season (about 20% female). We guard the beaches from Memorial Day Saturday to Sunfest Sunday and then remain on a mobile patrol staffing until Columbus day. Our hours of operation are 10am to 5:30 pm everyday. Guards are placed about every 2 blocks, some are closer in busier areas such as downtown. We also employ SBF’s or Surf Beach Facilitators. These are the people who wear yellow and work at the yellow stands. Their job is to keep surfers in the designated area and swimmers out. We have 3 surfing beaches, the south end of the inlet which is available Monday through Friday (except Holidays), and two rotating surfing beaches that move two blocks south each day, one in the north and one in the south. Surfing is modified every day prior to 10am and after 5:30 and some days we modify it all day depending on weather conditions and water population. Our officer staff (we wear royal and white) supervise the guards by driving on 4 wheelers. If you see one of us and have a question, please don’t hesitate to flag us down.

We ask everyone to check in with their SRT (Surf Rescue Technician or Lifeguard) on duty every time you come to the beach. Meet your lifeguard and introduce your children. The lifeguard will inform you of the current conditions for your area of the beach as well as let your children know that they are a safe person to go to if they have any problems (getting lost, etc). Your lifeguard will be able to inform you of any rip currents or dangerous shorebreaks. If you have any specific questions prior to coming to the beach, you can contact our office directly seven days a week between 9am-6pm at 410-289-7556.


A few extra safety tips:

*Apply sunscreen liberally & often

*Drink plenty of water

*Wear eye protection

*Keep valuables off the beach

*Please put trash in its place

*No glass containers

*Take seriously the warning of the SRT when storms are in the area. The Ocean City Beach Patrol in in constant communication with the National Weather Service.

Here is wishing you and your family a safe, happy and healthy summer!!!

Colby 🙂

PS…We let the dolphins out around 11am and 2pm daily 😉