Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Our new page design has rolled out.  We have been working on it for a while now and will continue to bring you fresh quality content updated daily.

The new site  features better navigation to easily access your favorite categories of GCFL.  Don’t worry all the pictures and posts from the last three years are in here (or will be soon, we have over 300 galleries to finish transferring) and now easy to find with an improved search feature.  The new calendar  is able to tie in with your own Google Calendar.   GCFL.Tv can be viewed right on the home page.  The magazine format for the blog post is designed to make it easier to read.  And of course an improved gallery for  the Pictures,the  heart and soul of good clean fun.  So, the frame work is done and we will continue to be populating calendar events and categorizing posts. We even have a Intern lined up for the summer!

Here is the call-

Bands, Bars , Venues, and Community Organizers  – Send us your event dates for Summer.

Writers, Photographers, Cinematographers,  Jugglers – Contributions are welcome!

Business owners, VC’s, and cool cats – Sponsorship Opportunities Abound


Contact us at: