Gotta Watch Friday – Please Help us, Children of Africa

Please Help us, children of Africa.  Notice I did not say  please help the children of Africa.  I think they could help us this time.

Speaking generally of the the state of things right now, it seems we have abundant resources but have lost our smiles.  Maybe The Children of Africa video can show us how it is possible to have so little and be so happy.  This short film made by outstanding young filmmaker Devin Super Tramp embodies, as all his videos do, what we here at GCFL believe –  No matter how bad it is sometimes you just gotta smile. and capture it in stunning quality.

Even the poor and jobless in our country have far more than many of the kids in this video. Everyone has ups and downs, we just try to be the counter balance to the negative or  the take yourself too serious  and to be  morale boosters for the Support-A-Cause fatigued.

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