Something About a Man In Uniform – By Tony Russo

I try as hard as I can to be authentic, to remain employed, and not to hurt people’s feelings. The frequency with which these things are incompatible increases with the number of people I come across during a given week. As a semi-professional slob I can be overly critical of clothing, not because I feel as if I have taste but rather because I forget that I don’t.

When the folks from Ocean 98.1 showed up in their uniforms, my initial reaction was not positive. I can write that because it took me about 12 seconds to realize that they were not ugly but rather really cool and I was caught off guard by their coolness.

The trouble with work uniforms is not — as many people claim — that they offend a person’s sense of individuality or style but rather that they are just tedious to look at. Almost by definition uniforms can’t be distinctive but these caught my imagination because they happened to be uniforms but were also and essentially bowling shirts. Because they are singular kinds of clothing, bowling shirts are exempt from fashion or any other criticism.

Moreover, bowling shirts aren’t about who signs your paycheck but what team you’re on which kind of changes the conversation a little bit.

On the Todcast my co-host Todd Dehart and I get way deeper into this conversation than is reasonable. As an employee of Ocean 98.1 he was not only aware of the uniforms but also genuinely enjoys wearing it.

We also spoke at length about our friend and Berlin Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Olive Mawyer who announced her resignation this week. I encouraged Todd to apply but he wasn’t interested. He encouraged me to apply and I pointed out that, as my current boss is one of those responsible for selecting candidates, it would be a little awkward. Besides, the job is for people persons.

We considered applying as a team, he the light, I the heat. And while that would certainly make a better sitcom than anything on network T.V. today, practically it wouldn’t do much for the local businesses.

We decided in this case the best way we could help Berlin in addition to not applying for the job was to encourage other people to.

Natalee DeHart
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