Tales From the Chair – Eastern Shore Life

Growing up in Annapolis I always thought of myself as “preppy” or “classy”….I think now that I am going to be 38 I have finally come into what I might truly be on the inside…a redneck. I remember as a child my mom telling us to be careful of all the “rednecks” out in the woods drinking beer while we were out riding our bikes…but I never saw anyone with a really bright red neck, which was what I thought “they” would look like.

Living on the Eastern shore now for 20 years I consider myself a local and I think in actuality a local means your a redneck. Some true signs of why I think I am officially becoming one: I was extremely excited that we were getting a Super Walmart, I mean I’m talking as excited as nordstroms clearance sales! I have slowly switched from wine and champagne to beer and sipping occasionally on my man’s (DB) bourbon. I have finally come to realize that “game night” is not sitting around playing scrabble, and yes I tried my first taste of Rat…took 5 minutes to swallow it, but I did it! I realize that a few months of the year the Men in our lives disappear into the woods to find the ultimate Buck or Dominant Doe, which I still believe exists!! I have a collection of hats piling up in the rear window of my car, I’m ok that most of my house decorations will have horns or feathers…..I could go on and on ….bottom line is I’m proud of who I have become as an adult…wether that be a redneck or not….”I’m happier then a punk in a pickle patch”… Lol

~ Colby