Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

By Tony Russo

A few weeks ago, Todd DeHart and I decided not to worry too much bout getting guests. We didn’t strictly ban the idea but were pretty sure we wouldn’t have too many more guests.

It was under this premise that I invited Rich Liebig, of the “Rich and Doobie Show” podcast to come hang out.

It was under this premise that Todd invited  actors Brandon Cater and Jeff Keenan and Sara Sabia to come hang out.  They are producing and starring in “On an Average Day” which will be performed in Ocean Pines March 23-25th.

Hilarity ensues.   But you will have to wait a moment to listen

UPDATE :  you cant hear it right now at PodBean Is Broken but while we either fix or move it enjoy the Pics by Mark Huey
UPDATE #@  – Listen to the raw Cut on Sound Cloud