Invisible Children: Make KONY Famous

After seeing many many people sharing a video about KONY, I chalked it up to a social media blitz…not knowing what it was just sort of amazed at the speed of its viral nature. After sitting down tonight and watching the full 29+ minutes of the video, I realized it was something of true value.

Joseph Kony of Uganda has abducted children throughout Central Africa and turned them into his militia, his Lord’s Resistance Army,  for over 20 years, turning innocent children into warriors, not ever living a true childhood. This video brings these injustices to light and shows that in this day and age of social media, we can all make a difference. It does not take but a couple minutes of your time at the least, and a couple dollars of yours at the most. All of the things that many of us Americans take for granted, are things that other youth in the world never even dream of having. Take the time and actually watch this video, and decide if you can spare a moment to help. Sure, this cause does not help the USA in national security, or help in our financial crisis, but for humanity’s sake, this helps us all.

Be human and take a moment. Share if you are able, donate if you are able…