King of Pong – Dogfish Head & Burley Oak

Charlize Theron  brought the beer

Friday night in Berlin was a battle of epic proportions.  A brew-off between the world reknowned Dogfish Head and the locally famous Burley Oak would have been too easy.  Clearly if held on Berlin soil Burley Oak would win such a competition, the town has embraced the brewery so wholeheartedly  that the mayor has even considered having it piped through he water lines to every house in town.  Dogfish Head popularity is far and wide and their new non-speaking spokes-model Charlize Theron is kinda a big deal.   So to keep things fair the brewers decided that a ping pong tournament would be best and avoid the towns people showing up with torches and pitch forks.  Friday night the competition went down and the following gallery captures the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat and some really tight shorts.