Valentine’s Day Is Not Just For Lovers

I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Valentine’s Day. I choose to celebrate love every day of the year, rather than the one mandated by Hallmark. As a holiday goes, it is one that the kids enjoy – getting candy, making valentines for friends and crushes – I enjoy witnessing that innocence. Valentine’s Day has become over commercialized and if I see one more stupid jewelry commercial I will blow a gasket. Who needs all that gaudy, heart shaped¬†jewelry? Didn’t every woman in American just get some other piece of crap with a diamond or sparkle for Christmas? Didn’t every man go to Jared? Ugh… Let’s get the day over with.

For those that want to get out tomorrow on Valentine’s Day and do something a little different, join the Pink Ribbon Pinups at JC’s Northside Pub for a Valentine’s Celebration that does not include your normal ¬†treats. There are a couple contests that sound fun…my favorite is the one for Most Creative VooDoo Doll.

You can also try your hand at:
Best /Worst Pick Up Line
Cutest Candy Heart
Sexiest Pinup
Most Adorable Pinup
Join us tomorrow night, Tuesday February 14th at 8 pm
at JC’s Northside Pub to celebrate Valentine’s Day.