By Tony Russo
Contributing Police Beat Follower 

Although we tend to forget occasionally, when my co-host Todd DeHart and I go through the police beat there’s always something that makes us glad we did. This week was no exception as we discussed the big arson bust (see page 23).

In an effort to escape police, three alleged burglars snuck into a dark lot and attempted to destroy the evidence by setting it on fire. That the dark lot happened to be where the Natural Resources Police stored their boats must have escaped their notice. If what followed happened in a movie it would be dismissed as unrealistic.

The thieves’ evidence fire got out of control and spread to the police boat causing $20,000 worth of damage and about a billion worth of hilarity/embarrassment.

But there was another police beat note that got to Todd in a way that was a little surprising — the notice of the enhanced patrols in Pocomoke. Most people hear “enhanced patrols” and “Pocomoke” in the same sentence and say: “Sounds like a plan!”

But what irked Todd was the number of people who were pulled over, issued “warnings” and sent on their way.

As a man about town, Todd likes to get out a lot. As a responsible adult, he also likes to be the designated driver whenever possible which is why he feels it’s a little outrageous that he is nearly always pulled over, asked if he was drinking, given a warning and sent on his way.

The DWI enforcement model that he proposes on the Todcast is both novel and intelligent which means it won’t get any traction.

My model is superior to his, though, and involves bridges not being crossed which works fine for me. I have very little pity for people who drive through West Ocean City after 10 p.m.

After I got Todd all calmed down we moved on to Varmint Fest which was fantastic but best left to your ears.

I’m not certain whether it’s worth pointing out anymore but I am still not related to NPR radio newsman Bryan Russo. It doesn’t bother me to much that you ask. Nor does it bother me to deny my relation to Ocean City’s Pizza King, but seeing as Italians are no longer the rare birds here that they once were it still strikes me as odd.

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