Artist Spotlight on Bumpin Uglies

Bumpin Uglies Live Music

Annapolis, MD based Bumpin’ Uglies (also known as the Uglies) are deliberately carving out their own captivating niche in the rock/reggae scene. The Uglies come with a fresh new approach that smoothly incorporates reggae, ska and rock, coupled with honest, well-written lyrics that weave clever, real-to-life stories throughout their work. The mixture is unique, yet reminiscent of earlier reggae and ska bands with the talent and attitude to forge a DIY path to success, such as Sublime, The Mad Caddies and Reel Big Fish. One listen to their music hooks like an addictive habit, with solid rhythm sections and memorable hooks that draw you to listen again and again. The Uglies are a band that makes music appealing to both hardcore music fans and casual listeners who want an easy listen, both of whom will hear something different in every listen.

The Uglies have earned residencies at several venues in the Mid Atlantic region, and have been spreading their sound at live shows around the country since 2009. Their music and popularity has organically spread throughout the East Coast, and 2011 and beyond will see Bumpin’ Uglies touring new cities around the nation, spreading their trademark laid back yet precise live performances. The Uglies have the mettle to carry the torch of the reggae/ska/rock genre into the future; to be the band that builds its own success simply by delivering memorable music from their souls; music which listeners can relate to and fully embrace.

Bumpin’ Uglies released their debut LP, Free Candy, in June of 2011. Not since Sublime was selling 40 oz. to Freedom out of the back of their van has an independent LP surprised the listening public with such well-crafted and prolific sounds. Free Candy dares to feel accessible and raw in a rootsy sense, with real, sparkling talent and versatility giving the entire album excellent shape and allure throughout. Lead singer and song writer, Brandon Hardesty proudly claims that, “Free Candy is music for people with real lives and real problems. Most of the songs are based on experiences I’ve had throughout my twenties, so I think there are themes in the songs that most people can relate to.”