Social Conscience Friday

There has been a lot of talk this week about SOPA and PIPA.  And if you think Pipa is the younger sister that gets all the attention on Sopa’s big day, we might be worse off than everyone thinks.  Along with the seriousness of explanations and examples of why imposing censorship of the internet is bad there has been a good bit of humor too.

 From  is one of my favorite sources of diversion.

It was pretty staggering to see the results of the participation of people online.  In one days time “We the People” where able to sway the congress in a very important issue that, admittedly, until thisweek I did not know anything about! And Im supposed to know these things especially regarding the inter webs, cause that’s kinda my schtick.

It seems to be avoided at this moment which is good, but this is something that will likely not go away because there is big Hollywood money involved.  I will stay on top of this because it effects me a great deal.  Think about it, we are an upstart web company that supports displays, pulls, downloads, uploads, and shares art in the vein of promoting the artist we know and support.  But consider this, if I have been informed correctly, simply by posting this video that I made just for my family and close friends I could be fined, arrested, and  lose all our work that we have done over the last 3 years to support the local night life and artists.  Turns out Merry Little Christmas is not in the public domain and posting a version of it I would owe the company that holds the license.  It’s a shame because I would love to spread it all over because this impromptu version by a dear friend is the best I’ve ever heard and HE deserves recognition.
Stay Tuned to the 2 Oclock Post about the importance of having a Positive attitude in Business Titled “Whistle While you Work”  ( all rights to Disney BTW)