Artist Spotlight On: Debbie Fitch

As many of you know, photography is a love of mine. I am inspired by the talented photographers that I have been lucky enough to come across, and am constantly yearning to improve. One of those photographers is Debbie Fitch. Before I had the chance to meet her, I admired her work. There is something so alive in her work, in a way that I can’t quite describe in words. Her work, whether black and white or full color, the lines are crisp and the detail is sharp. Looking through her vast portfolio inspires me to get back out there to take more photos.

If you have not had the opportunity to see her work, check it out.
Artist Spotlight
I’ve been hiding behind a camera since my terrible teens. Spent endless hours locked away in my small closet with vintage darkroom equipment my Mom bought for me out of the classifieds. Since then, I moved on to the ever-evolving life of digital photography and the unlimited artistic creativity it possesses.
My goal is not to fall into one category or style but to transform what my eye sees through the lens into ideas I hold in my mind. I’m constantly striving for uniqueness and creativity without losing grasp of the basic photography principles I learned way back when.
My home is in Baltimore, I am an avid motorcyclist and I can’t seem to function without coffee. 

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