2012 – Getting Started on the Local Challenge Again!

A new year, 2012…we have had a busy 6 months. Last spring we decided to document our attempt at the Buy Local Challenge, starting with purchasing only local produce as of the summer solstice, and for the month of August did our best to only purchase and eat items from local farms and markets. Around the same time we also decided to sell our home we built 9 years ago, in order to downsize. In its place we bought a 100 year old home and began renovations, also fully documented. The end of 2011 proved to be a challenge for us, but we learned much about ourselves and our perseverance to make change for the better in our lives.

New year, new ideas! The Humphreys House is now inhabited, with much work still to be done. But with thoughts of starting fresh this year, been thinking about the Buy Local Challenge again. More to create the healthy habit, but also to continue support of small local farms. This is a great time of year to plan ahead, and possibly think of joining a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture. You can find CSA’s that are close to you through Local Harvest.
Think about making a small change for yourself and your family this year. You don’t have to move forward with some fad diet or cleanse or depriving yourself of those items deemed “unhealthy.” Just eat in moderation, and know where your food comes from! Buy local!