Leaders Among Us – Thank You

15 Years ago I moved to the beach and got a job…. but I didn’t realize it then, but I didn’t just  get a job I joined a family.  Family defined as a group of people that shape you and your life, to push you and pull you; give you a pat on the back and a kick in the ass.  People who inspire you in ways that are not even apparent till years later. This job Working for a Developer in Bethany Beach was more like College 2.0.  The lessons were more difficult, the fun was richer and the net gain was exponentially greater for me and the company.  In all this talk about corporate greed of today, I think back to the first corporation that I worked for – Freeman.  “Corporation” was not a bad word back then, it was associated with culture.  The corporate culture at Carl M. Freeman Companies was to never be satisfied with just succeeding and profiting, it was to educate, develop, and lead.  To create leaders and entrepreneurs.

Natalee’s Live Better Tattoo

This idea stuck with me so much so that, five years ago I had it tattooed on my neck so it would be closest to my brain and to inspire the those that might follow me one day.  Like I followed the leaders at Freeman. I owe a lot of these people a debt of gratitude, but today a special thank you to the man at the helm and in charge of it all – Josh Freeman.  He may be gone from us for 5 years now but his legacy lives on in the culture of leaders he helped to create.

Thank you Josh.

All our love to Michelle and the family (of which I humbly feel part of)