Artist Spotlight on Andy Katz

Its funny cause I started my morning thinking to my self over and over I hate Katz, I hate Katz.   But of course I was referring to one of the stupid Cats that live in our neighborhood and when they are not killing birds, ( did you know that the “domestic” cat is the only animal, other that humans, that kill for fun.) they are screaming in the middle of the night underneath our bed room window.  This fine morning was interrupted with one of them some how getting stuck in the attic space above our garage.  So I set a trap for it, hey live by the sword die by the sword.

But I digress.  Andy Katz is who I really want to talk about.  He doesn’t live by the sword but by the brush.  A watercolor brush no less, and he does it very well.  Sure he has the credentials and accolades of a great painter and teacher.  Sure he is the older brother of one of my dearest friends, so I would be expected to be biased (even though it was his friend who allegedly took my candy one Halloween) However the proof is in the pudding, the water colors that he does are vivid still life’s of deeply Maryland Subjects – boats, crabs, and waterscapes.  Andy is also a passionate sports fan of his beloved hometown teams – Ravens, Orioles, and Capitals.  Though he is still picky, I once asked him if he would do a painting of Art Monk or the Redskins…..without hesitation he said he would never paint a Redskin.  That was a long time ago and never doesn’t last forever, so I’m still hoping.

If you think of your self as a Marylander or and Easternshorer for that matter, you need to spend a little time checking…

Artist Spotlight

Mr. Andrew Katz is a watercolor artist who lives and works on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. He received both his BFA and MAT degrees from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, where he majored in General Fine Arts and Art Education. In his third year, he was awarded the Samson Feldman Scholarship Over the past 15 years, Andrew has been a visual arts educator. Although teaching full-time over those years, Andy challenged himself to paint the landscape and imagery that surrounds him at his home on Kent Island.

Inspired by the work of Edward Hopper, Joseph Cornell, Keith Haring, and Nick Bantock, Katz chooses to focus on the visual relationships that straddle realism and abstraction simultaneously. His love of watercolor, its techniques and its versatility, enables him to render crisp and rich subjects while crafting dynamic compositions.

Over the past several years, Andrew has been making his mark in the Annapolis community by exhibiting in various galleries and group shows. His work has garnered several awards at the Maryland Federation of Art, Chestertown Art League, and the Academy of Art Museum in Easton. He has also fostered a relationship with The Maritime Art Gallery at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut; where he has participated in several exhibitions over the last 8 years.
In recent years, Andrew has dedicated his craft to capturing the imagery that he finds when he goes outside. Bird, wooden boat, and landscape paintings are evidence of the love he has for his home and its environs.

Andy lives on Kent Island in Chester, Maryland with his wife Lisa, daughter Zoe, son Ethan, and his dog Farley.

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