Local Focus on Pumpkins!

Halloween is behind us, but look at all the pumpkins! We may have had some miserable weather this past weekend, and plans were ruined for Halloween festivities, but Halloween night was just perfect! Baked Dessert Cafe held the Pumpkin Carving Contest at the Taylor House Museum, which was moved to Halloween night during trick or treating, allowing for over 500 ballots to be cast for the Peoples Choice Award! The best part of the whole thing, is that over $200 and pounds of food were donated to replenish Berlins Food Banks.

Here are the results:

Judges Pick…Rose B. of Ocean Pines winner with Scary Pumpkin!
PEOPLES CHOICE” award goes to Chuck and Wendy/Furious Fitness in Berlin, MD.
Grand Prize winner Grace T. of Ocean Pines with her Jack Skeleton. 

For those craving all things pumpkin, check out Baked Dessert Cafe in Berlin to see what they will be baking up next! Read up on their philosophy about using all natural ingredients.