Looking Back – 20 Years Goes Quickly

Senior Week

After months of discussion and planning, our Class of 91 20th Reunion went off without a hitch! With Facebook use growing over the past couple years, most of us have been in some sort of communication but getting together face to face was priceless.

Homecoming 1989

Being back home in Crofton was a wonderful feeling, knowing I would have a couple days to catch up with old friends. In high school, I was a quiet, shy girl not coming out of my shell until later in life. Coming home brought back so many of those feelings! Getting ready to meet up with classmates the night before the reunion at Krazy Otto’s, I had knots in my stomach. After finding my comfort zone and having the chance to talk to many classmates, the night flew by.

Reunion night was upon us, thankful to Denise and Tara for all the hard work in planning the event, and we were ready to begin greeting our old friends. A subtle reminder of a lost classmate, in a framed photo at the entrance of the reunion,  bringing back memories of a life cut short and realizing how much time has truly passed. The gathering of friends and classmates, along with spouses or dates, all coming together, catching up on the years that have passed, and cutting a rug on the dance floor to songs from our high school days. The end of the reunion came too quickly, but luckily the fun continued at a place just across the way, keeping us all out late.

20 years may have passed, with new connections being made on Facebook, but there is nothing like having a real conversation with friends in person. I certainly hope that we will plan another reunion in the near future, or at the very least get together on a more casual basis, to keep the connections alive.